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Sales And Marketing Automation Best Practices

The free Best Practices Guides on this page are a treasure trove of applicable strategies and tactics, backed up by data-driven insights.

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Software and Business Development

The Renaissance of CRM and Marketing Automation Software

This guide to choosing the best CRM and marketing automation software for your business explores the following questions:

  • Which software will give me the best bang for my business’s buck?
  • Which software will save me the most time and money?
  • Which software will allow me to offer the most personalized experience to my customers?
  • What are the data-related benefits of using all-in-one software?
  • How does my software choice affect the speed and efficiency of my business’s growth?

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Small Business Software

Save money and time on your search for new software with these must-know tips for entrepreneurs. This free guide contains:

  • Technology audit worksheet to assess your needs
  • Explanation of single-point and integrated solutions
  • Tips and questions for your conversations with vendors

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Systemize Your Business

Learn how to use repeatable processes and systems to unleash incredible growth in your business. In this guide you will learn:

  • Why so many entrepreneurs have such a hard time getting their startup off the ground
  • How to start a business, not a job
  • How to use systems to increase the value of your business
  • Five steps that you can take today to implement systems for your business
  • How to set up systems and processes that will make your new hires successful from the start

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Customer Lifecycle and Customer Journey

Mapping and Personalizing Your Customer Journey

Impress your leads and customers with a dynamic and well-defined journey.

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The Step-by-Step Guide to the Customer Lifecycle

Attract, convert and retain more customers with these five follow-up steps.

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Automated Marketing and Sales Follow-Up Made Easy

Don’t let inconsistent follow-up stunt your growth. Use these simple strategies to stay in touch automatically.

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Email and Messaging Best Practices

Email Delivery Handbook

Are you still wasting your time sending emails that never make it to your customers’ inboxes? In this free guide:

  • Understand and navigate anti-spam laws
  • The top online deliverability tools for marketers and how to use them
  • How to decrease your bounce rate
  • How to optimize your email messaging content
  • A breakdown of all of the pieces involved with email delivery

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How to Craft the Perfect Email

Learn how to craft emails your leads, prospects and customers will be compelled to open, read and respond to.

  • Increase your open rates by writing subject lines that grab and hold readers’ full attention
  • Examples of compelling copy used in successful email marketing campaigns
  • Optimize your email sign-up process to get (and retain!) more opt-ins
  • Determine the right message so your emails resonate with your audience
  • Write engaging copy that persuades your visitors to click on your call to action

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Online Sales Best Practices

The Science of Selling Online

Learn how to create a highly profitable e-commmerce site with these proven strategies to optimize your online sales.

  • Effective sales strategies that use psychology to generate more conversions
  • Build trust with your customers so they become powerful brand advocates
  • Price your products so that you’re maximizing revenue on every sale
  • Techniques to remarket to your existing customers for return business
  • Craft your message so that your business stands out as unique
  • An effective ecommerce strategy blueprint

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Landing Page Optimization

Create compelling landing pages that reliably convert your page visitors into real leads for your business.

  • Understand all components of a perfect landing page
  • Segment your audience so you can use dynamic content to target customers with content that’s relevant for them
  • Learn about the different ways visitors get to your landing pages so you can better understand them
  • Split testing tips and best practices so you can continuously improve your landing pages
  • Research your audience and use your CRM and marketing tracking data to create more relevance

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